The Best Hotel In Ibiza?

Finca Can Xuxu Ibiza - Summer 2018

Where is the best place to stay in Ibiza? Which is the best hotel in Ibiza?
These questions are frequently asked to us by our customers, family & friends – not an easy question to answer as “best”  depends on a number of factors including facilities & location and is likely to be quite personal.

For some people a large hotel dripping with services & facilities that you probably won’t use very much may well tick all the boxes (I’ve yet to see a busy hotel gym on my travels, and as for an onsite hairdresser…) but for others spending time close to noisy children (and noisier adults) may not be high on the priority list when thinking about your next Ibiza holiday.

However if you are looking for a small, boutique place to stay then you really should check out the (almost legendary) Finca Can Xuxu. This former family home of the owner is now one of the best kept secrets in Ibiza (as much of a secret you can have these days with Trip Advisor, b…

Ibiza in Winter

Ibiza in winter is a very different destination compared to Summer; more relaxed and, although we doubt you will be stripping down to your swimming costume (or less). there is still plenty to do..and without the summer crowds
Temperatures, on average, are 10 degrees warmer than in northern Europe so it’s a great opportunity to escape the snow & ice
There are a number of great beach restaurants that stay open in the winter, including:
Yemanya at Cala Jondal (next to Blue Marlin) open every day Cotton Beach Club at Cala Tarida – normally open Friday to Sunday Tanit Beach Club (normally open at weekends)
Other restaurants that are normally open in the winter include; Cas Costas: Can Bass Cas Pages La Paloma

Ibiza is an amazing island to explore by foot in winter an…

Orchestral Manoeuvres in Ibiza

When in 2015 Pete Tong collaborated at the annual “proms at the Royal Albert Hall in London many people thought it was a crazy idea. The proms, a British tradition more commonly associated with the highbrow set was not ready for Ibiza… perish the thought… but what a success...and “such fun” as they may well say in the Kensington borough of London which is home to the Royal Albert Hall – mire used to classic music than Ibiza classics
Forward wind 2 years and Peter tong brings the Heritage Orchestra to Ibiza and will pay tonight (Saturday 5th August) at Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort
The event s to mark 50 years since the opening of Pacha in Ibiza.
For details & tickets:

San Juan Festival (Noche de San Juan)

The Summer Solstice (longest day / shortest night) in Ibiza is, of course, a reason for celebration. The day, but mostly the night, is known as the fiesta of San Juan as well as Noche de San Juan (San Juan night)
In 2017 the longest day is Friday 23rd June
In 2018 the longest day will be Thursday 21st June
Many towns & villages in Ibiza celebrate this night, including Santa Eulalia, Santa Gertrudis & San Juan. If you are in Ibiza then a great place to hear do is either Talamanca or Figueretas, the sandy bays on either side of Ibiza Town
At sundown the locals light small bonfires on the beach (normally not allowed!)
Music, fire, dancing, drinking & eating are the order of the day. If you plan on eating in a restaurant then we recommend booking early as restaurants get very busy as the locals come out to celebrate this day. Many restaurants run special events and menus. As with any Spanish fiesta there is always a great atmosphere. 
In addition, San Juan village (also known…

Ibiza Spring Food Festival 2017

Ibiza Spring Food Festival (Ibiza Sabor 17)
The Ibiza Spring Food Festival (Jornades Gastronomiques de primavera) runs from 20th April to 28th May 2017
Over 50 restaurants are taking part with any offering a menu-del-dia from €25 per person , as well as other offering tapas & a beer or wine for €5
For full details visit:

Pacha Classics 21st May 2017

Pacha Classics at Pacha Ibiza - Sunday 21st May 2017
Are you in Ibiza this weekend ? 
Head over to Pacha for Pacha classics with DJ's:
Kenny Dope
Kenny Larkin
DJ Pierre
Mambo Brothers
Graham Sahara

Ibiza Saints & Patron Saints Days

The many Saints of Ibiza

Ibiza is famous for many things and know by names such as “The White Isle”, and the island does have a reputation for some fairly hedonistic activity in certain areas in the summer months... but the ying & the yang of Ibiza counter balances these sinners as it is also the island of Saints. There are 14 saints who have been honoured & commemorated with a village in their name...and of course a church.
Each of these saintly villages are known by either the Spanish (Castellano) name, or also by the Ibicencan (a form of Catalan) name.
Here are the 14 saints with the Ibicencan name in brackets if it is also known by this name, and the saints’ day when you can expect a few festivities to take place in the town or village.
The largest is Santa Eulalia on the east coast with a large selection of bars, restaurants, matins & promenade. The smallest is San Francesc, which really consists of 1 village, 1 bar & 1 restaurants and is located close to ses Sali…